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Nations of Britain Tile


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £75 (approx $118)
Stock number: 04106

UK Special Delivery £85

EU Airsure £89

US and World Airsure £93

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A few minute glaze chips to the rim, very tiny glazed over manufacturing flaw chip top corner.


• Style/technique: Gothic print
• Manufacturer: Sherwin & Cotton
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1880


An early and interesting tile from Sherwin & Cotton, super quality and quite heavy biscuit, super quality printing in a good, solid black on a bright white body. The design representing the flowering of the British Isles with a vase giving forth the floral emblems of England, Scotland and Ireland the vase itself carrying the national coat of arms.

Designed for display and fixing offset or diamond-wise although many were not as in the case of traditional furniture and fireplaces.

When displayed for collectors as an individual work of art or as a feature tile set diagonally there is an optical illusion in terms of size the tile looks larger than six inch indeed comparable to an eight inch tile square on. Briefly this is because our eyes scan the horizontal as the primary dimension, the world is horizontal, it soon runs out when one looks up, and our eyes are set side by side rather than one above the other. With this effect offset designs can fill more space whether displayed on a wall or set in to a splashback.

Verso very clean unmarked save for printed pattern number S2. Believed to be the second design by the company the number is glazed over as is seen on some earlier tiles and is in a bold style seen on other early Sherwin & Cotton tiles.

See essentially the same design but treated in aesthetic style here.


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