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Transfer prints. The primary medium of 19thC wall tile decoration superceded by majolica in the 20thC, many were hand coloured.
Aesthetic Movement tiles from designers who worked with industry to produce the best possible tiles. The widest ranging styles of the 19thC which were affordable.
Blue and white. From the earliest days of transfer printing a popular colour combination on ceramics. Many were made by pottery companies.
Japanoiserie In 1868 trade opened up with the rest of the world when the previously rarely seen unique nature of Japanese art influenced artists worldwide.
Pictures and portraits. The durability of tiles made fine line art in places unavailable to other materials. Most popular in the 1870s and 1880s.
Floral tiles with a strong nature study emphasis, botanical likenesses of the brilliance of nature. Most popular in the last two decades of the 19thC
Pot stands and Trivets . A natural extension given the use of ceramics in tableware and the added durability of tiles many tile companies made purpose made pot stands.
Josiah Wedgwood & Son were involved in tile making since the days of the founder in the 18thC. Most seen are transfer printed from the 1880s.
Mintons. Herbert Minton started making tiles around 1830, nephew Michael Hollins took over in 1840, later nephews Robert Taylor and Colin Campbell also made tiles.
Large Tiles larger than 6" x 6", mostly 8" x 8" from the 1870s and 80s and 6" x 12" from the 1890s and 1900s. Many handpainted, 6" x 12" were difficult to make and expensive.


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